Linda Dade

Dr Linda Dade

"I believe that everyone has a right to live their best life"

Dr. Linda Dade

After a lifetime interest in health and wellbeing, the past 23 years has seen Linda dedicate her life to understanding how the body works and the inter-connectedness of the body/mind and how it all impacts our health.

After the birth of her daughter, Linda found herself physically unwell as well as suffering from post natal depression … it was a chiropractor who looked at her whole picture of health – structure, nutrition and emotion – and helped her get back on track.  It wasn’t long after this, at the age of 40 (with a 4 year old) that she enrolled in a science degree at Macquarie University. She also completed her Masters in Chiropractic and along the way began her study of kinesiology.

Since graduating she has delved deep into gut/brain health, nutrition (food as medicine), emotional resilience, neurology and quantum neurology. She has also completed courses in ‘dry needling’ and ‘management of scoliosis’ as well as attending many post graduate courses in paediatric chiropractic.

Linda’s study and extensive clinical practice gives her a unique way of looking at health. Symptoms are just that, symptoms and pain is often a signal that the body/mind needs attention.  Her greatest joy is seeing her patients release what is holding them back and live a pain free and happy life.

Linda uses a mix of low force techniques to suit the individuality of each person. Her patients range in age from just days old to many years young and she loves working with families.

She also loves to educate about health with public speaking, magazine and newspaper columns and catch her on 2RE every Tuesday at 12.30pm.  She is available to speak on a variety of ‘health related’ topics.

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