The Banks and Dade philosophy

"We believe in inspiring our patients to lead the best life possible"

Our culture

Our aim is to provide the best possible care for our patients. We are driven to constantly innovate and update to provide this care and this underpins everything we do.

Our values

Our team works together to be a valuable support system and a source of knowledge, guidance, energy and inspiration.

Our culture is underpinned by our values.  We aim to create an environment that involves and inspires our community. Our values drive our culture, represent what we stand for and guide how we take action and make decisions.

Family – We are family

Knowledge – We innovate and constantly improve 

Health – Our practice has a unity and a coherence that resonates with our patients and inspires them to want us to be a part of their wellness journey

Collaboration – we work together to provide the best possible care

Integrity – We do what we say we will do

Empowerment – enabling independence and self confidence to question, learn and grow

Our vision

Transforming the health of the community through an environment of uncompromising care, research and innovation and leading the way as agents of change within the health industry.

Our mission

To inspire and empower our community to claim their health and vitality

Our model of care

We provide cutting edge health solutions for our patients to ensure the outcome they desire and supply tools, strategies and tactics that guarantee increased energy, health and self worth

We strive to ensure that treatment and care decisions include a patient’s wants, needs and preferences, enabling participation in their own care.

Part of the Community

Mark and Linda have been working within this community for the past 14 years, providing exceptional care to patients in the Forster Tuncurry area and those that regularly travel from Gloucester and surrounds, Taree, Johns River, Newcastle and even further afield. Many visitors to the area that find Linda and Mark eagerly book their chiropractic appointments in when they book their next holiday to the region.

During this time they have been supporters of Great Lakes Education Fund, Tobwabba Medical Centre, Westpac Helicopter Service, The Woman’s Shed, and many of the sporting teams currently including the Forster Tuncurry Hawks Rugby League Football Club and Forster Tuncurry Boardriders club.

They love sharing their health message and regularly speak at local clubs and associations. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact us for more information.


To learn more about Banks and Dade Chiro + Wellness

Comprehensive Programs available at Banks and Dade Chiro+Wellness

Total Body Reset

This is a six month program designed for people who have tried various approaches and now want extra support to overcome their health issues and create a brighter and healthier life.  It may interest those with obesity, diabetes and other auto immune conditions, digestive problems, etc.

The programme includes:

12 specific appointments that target YOUR specific needs – emotion, neurological, physical and nutritional.  

6 ‘Balance Energy’ biochemical tests to measure and chart your journey. 

Personalised at-home brain training exercises, dietary guidelines and supplement recommendations. 

Lifestyle prescriptions to enhance and empower recovery.



Brain Happy

This is a three month program designed for people who have experienced stroke or other brain trauma, concussion, suffering from brain fog, allergies, migraines and those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson symptoms and digestive issues.

12 uniquely tailored appointments that target YOUR specific needs. Appointments include Low Level Laser therapy, specific brain retraining exercises, nutritional guidance and individual lifestyle recommendations.



Low Level Laser

The action of Infra-red low laser therapy stimulates damaged cells to increase their energy production which is used to transform the damaged cells back to healthy active cells. Infra-red laser boosts oxygen levels, decreases pain and inflammation and speeds the healing response. Laser therapy may help the following conditions:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Wound healing
  • Pre or post-surgical conditions
  • Neuro-degenerative conditions
  • Skin issues
  • Sporting injuries
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Oral mucositis.

Laser therapy has a cumulative effect and works best with multiple applications. It may work quickly or may require one visit for every decade of your age before it starts to become obvious that it’s working. Research also shows that the combination of laser and chiropractic may produce the best results.

Protocols to suit your requirements are available.  

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