Kerryelle Bucknell

Kerryelle Bucknell

"Claim it today. Every great journey starts with one small step…"

Kerryelle Bucknell

Functional Nutritionist

Kerryelle is a certified functional nutritionist, functional lab analyst and meditation/yoga (student always!) and teacher. She uses the latest evidence-based science blended with a mind, body, spirit approach to holistic wellness, a journey back to your most vibrant self. Coming from a background in legal professional services in precedent training and development, Kerryelle believes a big part of her role is to arm you with knowledge.

Are you overwhelmed by the conflicting nutrition advice?
Do you have one or more lingering health issues and have seen many practitioners with no results?
Are you ready to make lifestyle changes?

You deserve to live a life with abundant energy, a clear and calm mind, free of fatigue, pain and discomfort. Confident in your body’s ability to function optimally!

Claim it today. Every great journey starts with one small step…

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