Dr. Mark Banks

Dr Mark Banks

“I help you return to normal - The best place you can be”

Dr. Mark Banks

Not only working as a chiropractor since 2003, I draw from my previous experiences of nutrition, yoga, pilates, as a mechanical engineer and acupressure massage therapist.

From this perspective I find as many factors from the patient’s history and our comprehensive examination that affects you now and deal with all of them.

The body’s nervous system is the most complex electrical system that we know of. It drives the body’s function and makes it adapt to the stresses it has faced. 

I work with the patient to switch the nervous system circuits on and untangle the ways it has negatively adapted. Often with significant results instantly. I work with not only with the spine but any joint or area of the body. Together with the patient I help to unlock the body’s potential to become more efficient and return closer to its state of normal.

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