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Banks & Dade Family Chiropractors have been delivering Chiropractic treatment and care to the local Forster community, including Tuncurry, Green Point, Bulahdelah, Smith’s Lake, Pacific Palms, Diamond Beach, Hallidays Point, Taree and Coomba Park since its opening in 2010.

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A wholistic approach

We consider the whole person and how they interact with their environment. We focus on the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

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Working together with you

We aim to empower you. We help you understand the issues at hand and give you ways to help yourself live a healthier and happy life

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To see what makes Banks and Dade Chiro + Wellness so special

A Wholistic Approach

From the moment you arrive at our office, you will know that you are in a space that is safe to begin to reclaim your health and vitality. Dr Linda Dade and Dr Mark Banks are highly skilled professionals that make your needs a priority and offer a wholistic approach. 

What is a wholistic approach?

We see from our clinical experience that conditions that are affecting you may involve factors or issues in other parts of the body. Quite often there are more than 3 or 4 issues detracting from your ability to function at your highest potential. However some of these factors may not be causing any symptoms or may seem minor or unrelated.

Our thorough examination conducted during the Initial Consultation (see it described below), will show up these issues that need to be addressed.  Resolving these other issues may enable your ability to recover.

Also know that chiropractic treatment of the spine is only a part of what we do to treat every part of you that we possibly can.  Patients are often surprised by the scope of the body issues we treat and the way we do it. Talking to your practitioner about all of your problems will give them a better understanding about how to help you resolve your problems.

Children are welcome to be themselves and whole families enjoy the relaxed environment. Regular workshops are provided to enhance your healing and like-minded people are encouraged to gather and enjoy a true sense of community.

Linda and Mark are passionate about what they do and have the skills and expertise to assist you in reaching your goals. Personalised care plans are offered as we know that each and every one of us has a unique history and a unique set of needs. The focus is always on addressing your particular needs and concerns.

We use a wide range of techniques.  If you have found a previous way of dealing with your problem previously, tell us! We may be able to do that again.

A variety of services are available at our Practice and people are often surprised to find out how thorough our attention to their health is.  From neurological rehabilitation, body and joint pain, gut and brain health through to rehabilitation exercises and orthotic prescription, we work to ensure you get the best possible information and care.

NEW CLIENTS - what to expect

We look forward to welcoming you to our office. Our goal is to serve you with an exceptionally professional and prompt service. We promise to provide you with the best spinal care available. 

We hope you have heard of our reputation of being a little different, different in a good way. We are friendly, casual and our staff are kind and considerate. 

Initial consultation

After you complete your confidential New Patient Registration Form, we will commence your Initial Consultation.  It will consist of a very detailed examination that will take 45 minutes. It will include postural, functional and neurological assessment as we believe that the more information we have the better we can assist you. 

The chiropractors will use techniques at the first visit that we consider appropriate to alleviate your symptoms but may not be the same as that which you are used to.  This will start to address your problems.  Other techniques may be introduced in subsequent visits as we assess how your body responds. 

If we see the requirement for x-rays, we will order them if you agree.  These may be bulk billed to Medicare in most cases. We can gain information about pathology, trauma and structural efficiency. There may be issues there that no one would know about without these and this information will guide your chiropractor in the way care is provided. 

We will look at the exam findings and see how your body progresses at the next visit which will be the Report Of Findings visit (ROF).

Follow up

It’s unlikely however if your body responds in a negative way after a visit, we will always try to attend to you ASAP to relieve any symptomatic flare up.

Report of findings

At the second and third visits we will discuss your response to the previous visit. Also, we will give a detailed report on the findings from the examination and x-rays. All this information will give patient and practitioner a plan as to how best address short term and long-term issues that affect your condition. The chiropractor will also be able to assess which techniques will be suitable.

Subsequent visits

After the chiropractor has examined you and understands what is affecting your body, visits may be required to reduce pain and correct any long-term issues.  Remember that some of your issues may be long term and may take longer to correct than just a few visits.  These subsequent visits don’t need to be as long as the initial visits because the techniques used will make changes fairly quickly.

We use the following techniques


Dry Needling is primarily focused on the reduction of pain and restoration of function


Chiropractic care is based on the understanding that the nervous system controls all parts of the body

Quantum Neurology® Neurological Rehabilitation Technique

Quantum Neurology® Neurological Rehabilitation Technique is a technique is a system of stimulation and rehabilitation of the nervous system using stimulation of the sensory part of the nervous system using low force techniques. 


Kinesiology can help in all areas of health and wellbeing and is the perfect adjunct to the type of care that is offered at Banks and Dade.


DIGESTIVE HEALTH It is widely known how important...


A Banks and Dade we look at your specific stressors and assist you to take positive actions to minimize their effects on you


How thoroughly are most sports people examined prior to performing their sports activity


Low Level Laser Therapy uses light to boost the body’s natural healing ability


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